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is. >> good evening. we want to start with some developing new news. san mateo police have started letting people back into their homes after a man hunt for an assault suspect who may have been armed. search
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forced officers to evacuation a wait some homes this evening. situation began around 6:15 when it appears a man was stabbed. paramedic treated the victim for wound on his hand. that's what you are looking at here. suspect is a man in his early 20's but officers believe he is not in the area they searched. quite intense for quite some time. >> 2 firefighters in san jose lots of good wishes as the city fire chief today reinstates almost half of the firefighters who were laid off last year because of budget cuts. but not everyone is happy about this. the lisa is live in san jose tonight. why are are some resident upset about what is going on here. >> it is because they were hoping fire station 33 would reopen and actually shut down in august that's also when this sign behind me went up saying firefighters, not available at the station. at that time also the city laid off 49 firefighters. situation.
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welcome welcome of returning firefighters san jose. joyous occasion today. >>reporter: the returning 22 got the badges back during the welcoming ceremony this morning and begin a refresher training course monday. but all the rehire won't mean any of them will be coming here. station 33 was the only one to xretly shut down last year because of the city budget short fall. and those who live on communication hill which only has 2 entrances to the large hillside community are outraged. many say the developer and the city promised when they moved in they would have a full time fire station. l. >> i was really hoping again given the vulnerability that we have up here that sure they would recognize that and they would try to fill that station with bodies as they promised. again, disappointed. >> i understand their concern. but we have 2 stations that are in a close distance and they were the ones that covered the
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area before kitsap fire station was built up there. >>reporter: and station 13 and 18 are now in charge of respond to go communication hill. men time the 22 firefighters once finish with the retraining will be used to help cut down on brown outs. that means while the city has been under staff they take 2 engine out of rotation almost daily. the firefighters will help get almost the entire fleet of fire engines back on the streets. now the next wave of the 14 firefighters will be rehired in september and in all the 49 spots should be filled by february of next year. live in san jose, lisa abc 7 news. all right lisa thanks very much. >> lay off notices will good out monday mean time about 200 employee in the san francisco court system. 40 percent of the staff. layoffs will take effect in september giving workers 60 days notice. and will force 25 courtrooms to close. state budget cut have left san francisco court system
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with a 14 million dollar deficit. pre-siding judge says it will have a severe impact and has called a news conference to discuss it for monday morning which we will of course cover. number of im grant groups are so upset they might stop helping police fight crime for fear of deportation. that's after the san jose chief brought in federal immigration agents to help the city combat gang violence. corrina with controversy and an effort now to calm things down. >>reporter: various community groups spoke out today to make clear. immigrant communities are afraid of ice agent working with police and they want them gone. if not, they say fear of deportation will make crime worse throughout the city. >> they didn't need them. they need the community to report crimes. they need the community to speak up and call the police if they witness a crime. >>reporter: just as the news conference was wrapping up, the independent police auditor
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delicately negotiated her own announcement. police chief chris moore is working onseting up a private meeting with the ice agent and select group of community leaders. >> by his saying to me that he is going to do what he can to arrange a face-to-face meeting, that is a courageous stand? thinking outside the box and i think it is consistent with what he has said he will do. >>reporter: at this event wednesday night chief moore told ice opponent the agent are needed to help fight gang violence in the wake of historic budget cuts. there have been 28 murders this year. half of them gang related. the chief has promised the only purpose of operation community shield is to reduce violent crimes. >> if they start over stepping their bound as far as the immigration enforcement goes, he's already made it very mostly clear no hesitation they will be gone immediately, since taking over the police department in february chief moore has made great strides rebuilding trust with communit communities of color. but many say he should rethink his
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decision to partner with ice homeland security investigations. >> there is a tremendous down side this that is not worth it. i think the chief has to follow that intelligence essentially from these groups. >>reporter: now i spoke with the representative from ice who says the department the agency is open to the kind of meeting being proposed. if it takes place the question is whether it will be enough to sway those community leaders to the police chief way of thinking on this very decisive issue. in san jose, corrina abc 7 news. safeway can not sell cigarettes in san francisco. u.s. district judge today dismiss add suit by safeway claiming grocery store had a constitutional right to sell cigarettes. june said the city ordinance banning the sale of tobacco at any grocery store with pharmacy includes safeway. number of corporations including philip morris and walgreens have sued over this issue and have lost. well smoking ban in san francisco has been in place for years but change to that law
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last year now has impact on places where certain kind of smoking has continued. the city is cracking down on puke a lounges. the places are very popular with teenagers all over the bay area. story tonight from heather. >> filth up with water about halfway. >>reporter: demonstrates the hook a at family tobacco shop right next door to the hoobing a dream lounge just opened last year ordered to close did you know as of today because of state local law against smoking in enclosed workplaces. he says his dad put 100,000 dollars into the lounge and isn't sure what to do he nichblingts a lot of family will go broke and who knows what will happen now. >>reporter: this is a water pipe for smoking flavored tobacco through a long tube. multiple smokers can share the same hookah with different mouth pieces. he says it's nothing like cigarette tobacco. >> it's safe. not bad at all. >>reporter: but the department of public health disagrees. >> a lot of science reports out
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rate now that tebltion posh l from the hookah is equal if not greater than cigarettes that's because of the number of people and the amount of time. >>reporter: the pride of the mediterranean restaurant on fill more has patio where the hookah smoking can continue. pedro says his favorite flavor is cherry. >> kind of like come once in a while with family. >>reporter: health inspector says she sent let investigators 20 enclosed hookah businesses and there are 20 more under investigation. cafe has until tuesday to remove all smoking equipment and cairo night ordered to stop indoor smoking immediate limit in san francisco any way hookah smokers probably won't be going out as much. >> sfl in your own home then smoke in multiple unit housing unit. you can smoke in your own unit as long as the front door is closed. >>reporter: the owner here says he has hired legal help to try to keep the hookah. loyal
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patrons are grateful and department of health says that the city is committed to try to help hookah businesses find a compromise of patio perhaps. in the haight in san francisco, abc 7 news. on the subject of inhaling things. authorities seize more than 1 million dollars worth of marijuana plant in an early morning raid in the tl regional wilderness. routine patrol uncover the operation situated between castro valley and san ramone as you can see on the map. police confiscated about 3300 marijuana plants. elaborate irrigation system tapped into the park water supply. no arrest were made at least not yet. local air force pilot has been hailed as hero by the government of france. after john moster of santa rosa seen on the of 3 u.s. servicemen who received the french national defense gold medal. they with honored for rescuing a french helicopter crew in afghanistan last month after the french helicopter crashed in bad
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weather. captain mosier guided that mission. and soldier from san francisco got home come he deserved today after so many years. eduardo tool died in germany during world war ii but he has been missing in action ever since. today o'toole welcomed home by veteran group. vick lee takened the service. if [ taps] officials heavy mist with gray if feel over the schlts he came home 66 years after killed in world war ii. he was identified through his dog tag and dental records. newspaper obit said o'toole had no surviving family members. that struck a chord with pat fichlt read it in the paper. and i thought there's no way i'm going to let him be buried with no one here. >>reporter: so she called her
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other friends. friends lake mag. >> when pat mentioned it at lunch i said i want to go. >>reporter: in fact she wore the navy necklace her dad gave her mom at the end of world war ii. >> just felt appropriate to wear it and be here. >>reporter: friends call friend. veteran call veterans. about 60 people showed up. all strangers. the today they were o'toole family. if he's a veteran of 2 war. >> any soldier i feel in very close to. almost like family. yes. >>reporter: the crowd noticed that the flag was given to this man. barry turned out to be o'toole's distant relative. he also happened to read the obit. >> jolted me. because this was a mystery remains of where ed was was a mystery goes back to when i first heard it when i was 14 years old. >>reporter: he never met o'toole but had the purple heart which the family inherited. and then 88-year-old peter davidson showed up. he was an army
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medic at the battle in germany where o'toole lost his life. fichlt was this the ballots mr mr. o'toole was killed at. >> i'm positive it was. >>reporter: was it a tough, tough battle. >> was it ever. >>reporter: we honor those souls that slip away. welcome home private o'toole. company d. 3 33 regimen 84 infantry. vick lee abc 7 news. welcome home indeed. as we continues tonight. bear hunt in yosemite. come up. search for 200 pound animal that found its way on to the park most wanted list. >> after all the hype armageddon now under way in la. traffic nightmare forecast to be such a mess local are running away as far as the bay area. >> i'm spencer in the accu-weather forecast center where a weekend of change is highly anticipated.i'll deliver in my accu-weather forecast come up. >> thank you spencer gentleman household name household product become a take over
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target. company top stockholder starts bidding war. stay with us. more to come. 
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it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend?
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only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. >> first staings of armageddon under way. that's what they call the weekend closure of 10 mile stretch of interstate 4 05 or the 4 05 as they call it down south. authorities began closing on and off ramp to the highway few hours ago. at midnight it will all be closed for 53 hours. transportation officials say they are ready. they have gone all out to make sure everyone is aware state wide and they are aware. so much so that those who can are high tailing it out of up to like this man who came to the city tl from la. >> 4 05 don't want to be around the traffic. we live right where the 4 05 meets the 101.
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and st don't want to be around the traffic so came up here. >>reporter: but jonathan will get to bike or walk to his destination. something he rarely gets to do in los angeles. with or without this. this is live picture now of this work unway. again 4 05 the stretch closed for 53 hour hours. overpass you are looking at here is one they are tearing down over the weekend. thumb up from somebody there. must be a reporter or photographer on the scene. >> all right. moving on. a bear has broke into several homes in yos mate national park this week. tonight rangers urge people to take precaution to protect both themselves and the bear. reporter sarah has the story tonight from inside yosemite. >>reporter: this quiet residential area of yosemite national park has become a favorite spot of one unwelcome guest. ranger say this 220 pound black bear has broken into 8 homes in the past week. >> he was on my property on
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saturday my dog barked a lot and alerted me to the bear and so i just stayed in the house. >>reporter: norman has lived here for 78 years and has seen his fair share of bears but not recently. >> this bear that we have now tills first one that we have had now for the some years. >>reporter: park wrongers used a trap like this one to catch the bear last weekend. they put a radio collar and number ear tag on him and drove him out of the area. but he came back days later. >> he has found food and whenever they find food of any kind, even if it is in somebody's house they will hang around. >>reporter: park has posted fliers on doors of homes in the area where the bear has been spotted. letting people know about the encounter and encouraging them to use certain safety precautions. >> make sure you use the provided bear food storage lockers. that way anything with accident goes in it will not just food and drink.
9:18 pm
suntan lotion. stuff that you wouldn't think of. stuff that has a accident bear is attracted to. >>reporter: rangers say it appears this bear has been eating a lot of bird seed which should also be put away. and the reminder people to lock windows, doors and cars. but despite having 500 bears roaming yosemite, rangers say it is still a safe place for residents and visitors. >> there has never been a bear attack here in yosemite. >>reporter: in yosemite, sara sarah, 7 news. all right. let's come back to the bay area where the cool weather is still hanging around but spencer is here. beginning to ease. >> nudged out gently. approaching high pressure that bring us a warm-up but take a few days for to it assert it z.if live view from the san jose looking at downtown at the h p pavilion in the pack ground. traffic moving along much better there than in la this weekend. let's look at the current temperature
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readings. warm spot not surprisingly is antioch at 65 degrees right now. 61 at fremont. san jose and all of the locations are reporting temperatures in the 50's. highlights returning cloudy again tonight. in fact it already is cloudy. many spots getting cloudier in more wide spread area. cool to mild generally speak thanksgiving we hope. warmer day lie ahead next week. this afternoon close-up satellite image shows we have clouds stacked up at the coast line. some clouds push across the bay. locally inland but much of the inland area around the bay area was under sunny skies an mild conditions this afternoon. tonight it remains mild overnight as well. with more wide spread low clouds. low pressure will generally be in the mid 50's about 53 to 56 in most elections. now another look at the water vapor satellite image you can see 2 centers of low pressure. one moving away from us and another one sort of dipping in south ward now to slow down that warming trend we have been looking for. so this is going to keep news a relatively cool pattern until it moves out and makes room for ridge of high
9:20 pm
pressure to build in and that will happen couple days or so then start to warm-up early next week. tomorrow we see some increase in temperatures in the south bay. sunny skies. high pressure will be mainly in the low mid 70's where we have upper 60's to le70's last couple days so again warming up on the peninsula upper 60's to low 70's. 72 at palo alto mountain view. upper 50's to about 60 on the coast. downtown san francisco have a high of 62 tomorrow. 69 degrees and high in the sun set district. north bay high will vary widely from 64 at sausalito to 70 at san rafael. 75 at sonoma. 78 in calistoga then up to low 80's in clear lake and ukiah. nearest bay we see high mainly in the mid upper 60's up to about 68 at castro valley and fremont. inland east bay a bit milder. low to mid 70's for the most part but upper 70's fair field pittsburgh and low 80's at antioch and brentwood and near monterey bay see high mainly in the 60's near the bay but up to 70 santa cruz and l 78 in
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morgan hill. here's a look at the accu-weather 7 day forecas forecast. notice how each day the temperatures increase couple degrees so by monday tuesday we are lacking at inland high in the mid 80's. mid 70's around the bay, 60 on the coast. 88 inland by wednesday, thursday friday 90 degrees. 80 around the bay which we have not seen in a while and mid 60's on the coast. so maybe the fact that gradual warm-up we appreciate it when it arrives. >> pretty moderate this time of year. >> yes. inform extreme coming our way at all. >> thanks. >> coming up here on the news at 9:00. david and goliath battle in small claims court this man is taking on google. and hoping to restore his this man is taking on google. and hoping to restore his reputation. stay with 
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>> new jeshsz man pleaded not guilty to charges of stealing picasso drawing right off the wall. 30-year-old mark lugo appeared in court this morning. judge allowed still photo taken of him. judge also denied his request for bail reduction from 5 million to two million dollars. lugo attorney claims the case has been over hyped and bail shouldn't be so high for a non-violent crime. authorities say recent laid of his home in new jersey found other stolen artwork including another picasso piece stolen from a manhattan hotel. more on this. officers found 7 pieces all together of stolen art in his new york apartment apparently. here's what they found. ranging from a 4500 dollar oil painting taken off the wall of manhattan gallery to 30,000 dollar picasso sketch to the a 350,000 dollar sketch stolen from the carlisle hotel in new york. >> logical man is suing google claiming the company is liable for an anonymous blog attacking
9:25 pm
his reputation. small claims judge already ruled in his favor once. the jonathan bloom was in court today as google appealed that decision. >> i it this is a form of cyberbullying. >>reporter: he says anonymous blogger is ruining his reputation. they created a blog in his name on google owned web site at the top of his google search result. above the page about his non-profit foundation. and above the page about his top rated i-phone app. explain why somebody would want to do this to you. >> the if i speculated it would make me just as bad as they ar are. >>reporter: after labeling him a scam artist the blog says he never finished high school. which assures us he did. and says his mother is in a nursing home which clearly she isn't. in fact she walked right into court to testify on his behalf. he told the judge he wants google to take the blog down and tell him who wrote it. and he wants google to pay damages for not doing it sooner. but a lawyer for google said quote we
9:26 pm
are not creating the content. we are just providing a service thatñi promotes free speech. if we were to remove every blog somebody doesn't like the blog it would seriously endanger free speech. >> i think google is on solid group as the law stated right now. >>reporter: our legal analyst dean johnson says unfederal law google is protected against paying damages. >> they are no more responsible for the content that goes through their is p than, say, barnes & noble would be responsible for the content of the books that it says. >>reporter: but there is another legal issue that is not so clear. that is whether google obligated to take the blog down and whether eckman finds out who his enemy is. >> really a gray area of the law. it's one that is evolving. >> i think the part of freedom of speech is you have a right to know who is saying it. >>reporter: the judge agreed. he ordered google to happened over the malicious blogger identifying information within 20 days. and on whether blog has to come down he says he will issue a ruling within a week. in redwood city, january
9:27 pm
thon bloom abc 7 news. >> and when we continues tonight. the president issues a challenge. >> i am still pushing pl for us to achieve a big deal. >>reporter: come up next. local tea party weighs in on the debt crisis in washington. the as congress starts to look like a wheel of fortune. >> plus hiding in plain sight. continued black netting and open space how authorities finally found a massive marijuana plantation. >> also tonight after all of the rally. united states lends a hand and now the lybian rebel may not be called rebel much longer. another half hour of may not be called rebel much longer. anoi want to crushof more cars.
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>> good evening once again. thanks for joining us. we begin this half hour with remarkable drama unfolding today around rupert murdoch. corporate titan begged for giveness from a victim plagued by his reporters. the scandal that is engulfing murdoch giant company. his life work now stained by scandal. the grip on his global empire in peril. contrite murdoch came to say he is sorry. onlooker scream shame on you. if this is the first time murdoch has spoken since the scandal exploded. tichltd founder of the company i was appalled to find out when it happened. ty apologize and. >>reporter: with that the titan turned and left. if he was apologizing to the pawrpts
9:31 pm
of this little girl who disappeared in 2002. revealed the girl voice mail had been hacked and messages deleted bay reporter. giving the family false hope that she was alive. she had been murdered. the lawyer describe murdoch as humble. >> yes he did apologize. he poll jaysed many times. i don't think somebody could have held their hand in head in their hand so many times to say they were sorry. >>reporter: murdoch admitting he disgraced his father and his mother the who is alive at 102. >> said the word sorry t.this is not the standard if. >>reporter: murdoch will say it again to. he's taking out thisxd full page ad in all the london newspapers. but apology may not be enough. there are criminal investigations here and now by the fbi if amid one alleges that murdoch paper tried to hack into the voice mail of family who lost loved ones on 9/11. casualty just keep coming. head of murdoch
9:32 pm
operation here rebecca brook resigneded friday and so did the the head of the company that runs the wall street journal in new york he used to be here in england. he too has resigned. as for the if family they told most powerful men in the world they could for give him but not forget. this is abc news london. l united states will formally recognize libya main opposition group as the country legitimate government. secretary of state hillary clinton made that announcement today. >> until interim authority is in place united states will recognize the tfc as legitimate governing authority for libya and we will deal with it on that basis. in contrast the united states views gadhafi rejaime as no longer having legitimate authority in libya. >>reporter: decision will potentially free up 30 billion in frozen asset that the rebel fighting lybian force urgently
9:33 pm
need. more than 30 other country also agree to recognize the rebel forces now. united states if had balked at full recognition until now because they worried they wouldn't be capable of managing a stable post gadhafi transition government. mexican soldiers have discovered the largest marijuana plantation in the country history. it was hidden underneath black cloth in the middle of the desert. look at the size of this. that screening used by farm investigators protect the cerebral palsy from the heat. 300 acre plantation is 150 miles south of tijuana. it has sophisticated plumbing including irrigation for the plants and toilet for the 60 or so workers. l soldiers assemble across the plantation while on foot patrol. site estimated to be worth about 160 million dollars. pot will now be destroyed. fichlt to washington next where the president is warning congressional republicans that voters want action on increasing the debt limit. he
9:34 pm
says people expect balance approach but cost that include raising taxes on the wealthy? if mark matthews with reaction from the tea party and california republican party. >>reporter: president continues to push for a 4 trillion dollar deal. >> we have unique opportunity to do something big. >>reporter: told reporters he's willing to look at cutting entitlement including social security and medicare but also wants to roll back bush era tax cut for the wealthy and he says majority of americans agree. >> not just democrat who think we need to take a balance approach. it's republicans as well. l the clear majority of republican voters jeans thinke1 that any deficit reduction package st of should have l a balance approach and should include some revenue. >>reporter: recent gallup poll did show that only 20 percent of americans thought cut only approach was the right thing to do. but tea party member david miller read another poll. >> most recent rasmussen poll
9:35 pm
shows 34 percent of the voters are actually behind raising taxes. >>reporter: the chair of the calf republican party. >> like jerry brown and obama parent hi doesn't understand what poll to read but even majority of independent if in the united states are against the tax increase that he is pushing rate now. >>reporter: which side is reading the voter right? our political analyst and head of uc political center bruce king. >> the answer is that it is not so clear. >>reporter: professor king says the polls are mixed depending on how the questions are asked. and that tea party favorite like if cantor or bachmann believe they have a mandate to cut spending and taxes. >> not going to change the cantor of the world or the bachmann of the world by arguingok that public opinion is on your side. that's not what they are paying attention to. >>reporter: professor king says public opinion on this issue will shift dramatically if there is a big plunge in the stock mark. he says more likely scenario is a scaled
9:36 pm
down agreement between the president and republican leaders in the house. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. as this goes on and on why is it so hard to cut a deal on capitol hill these day sns here's jonathan karl. l. >> welcome to washington. place where right now it seems nothing can get done. >> tevrn of us is an accomplice in causing this great nation the decline. every single one of us. >>reporter: congress lacked like bad game show. >> this is the wheel of misfortune that we have to avoid getting to. >>reporter: key number? 217. vote needed to pass debt deal in the house. republicans now in charge but they don't have 217 votes to pass any deal. not even the last ditch option offered by republican mitch mcconnell that would allow the president to raise the debt ceiling but put republicans on record opposing it. tea party republicans are saying no way to mcconnell.
9:37 pm
>> there is no way he will do that even if mitch says it's the only option. >> mitch is not the only person with brain here in dc. >>reporter: after more than a week of sniping the 2 republican leaders in the house say they have made peace. but not the rank and file tl. republican paul brown says he wants the debt ceiling lowered not raised. >> if your leadership comes to you and says look we have to vote to raise the debt ceiling what do you do. >> i vote no he. >>reporter: no matter what. >> no matter what. it's wrong. >>reporter: that's a my way or the highway approach. but democrat are playing that game too. president says he wants a deal that includes cuts to popular entitlement programs like medicare but listen to what nancy pelosi told us when we asked her about cutting medicare cuts and benefits on the table. >> no, absolutely not. >> absolutely not. >>reporter: if and with so many lines in the sand the bottom line tonight, is that no plan has the vote 0pass at this moment. >> in 2000 george w. bush won
9:38 pm
the presidency even though he did not win the popular vote. bill passed by the california legislature is designed to keep something like that from happening again. san mateo assemblyman hill and several republican strategist urge governor brown to sign the bil bill. it gives all of california 55 electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote even if that candidate does not get a majority of the votes in california. supporters said will give the state more clout in presidential elections. >> the idea that every vote ought to count, every state ought to matter, that voters in every state including the 35 traditionally fly over states that never get any attention should count is really what is critical in this case. >> if president can not be chosen by popular vote until enough state adopt a change in election procedure. more to come here on the news at 9:00. chance for great deal on a homecoming up. how you can get into a bay area house at prices rarely seen
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>> billionaire henl fund manager karl icon sight setting on clorox company. they own 9 and a half percent stake in clorox. they offered 12.6 billion dollars for the company but doesn't seem all that
9:42 pm
interested in actually owning it. he may be trying to drum up a better offer. besides bleach clorox makes a wide range of household product from burt bee lip balm to glad trash bag and hidden valley dressing even. stock in clorox rose 9 percent to 74.55 a share. and dollar short of aye con bid. >> well this is tough time to sell a house you know that. great time to buy and this weekend there is a great opportunity to find a real bargain. laura anthony with special auction happening tomorrow for homes all over the bay area. >> this 3 bedroom home in oakland was once valued at 700,000 dollars. now starting bid 169,000. the just one example of the 150 bank own properties to be sold saturday in an auction at the downtown marriott. >> property here come with either market title and everybody through the entire foreclosure process. >>reporter: trent is with which claims the events are much different from
9:43 pm
the foreclosure auction that is commonly occur on the courthouse steps. >> t events often dominated by professional i hope investigators. stll chance for regular person to buy a house. >> that's the wonderful thing about this opportunity. you see everybody from i hope investigator first time home buyer and moving up or down depending on financial situation. >>reporter: realtor rebecca williams is thelising agent. this process is ate good place to good to get a house. >> i think it's a wonderful opportunity for buyers. i do. it's an opportunity for them to participate in the auction. and to get a wonderful home and great value. >> undisclosed amount of money that the bank will accept. >>reporter: but realtor tracy warns prospective buyers public auction aren't always as they appear. >> what people don't realize as they are bidding they have no idea what the bid number is. so even if you win the bid you win the auction dent mean
9:44 pm
necessarily that you get to purchase the property. i believe it is disclosed that the auctioneer is representing the bank trying to move the price up to what that minimum reserve is. >>reporter: does the auctioneer bid on behalf of the bank against the bidders. >> auctioneer can bid on behalf of the seller and again the term and conditions outline how that works. >>reporter: those terms and conditions are on the web site along with details about saturday event in oakland. there's also an opportunity there to participate in a mock auction. i'm told very good advice for the first timer. in pinole, abc 7 news. the ruckus over rankings. tonight popular magazine is out with its list of the wringt dressed cities in america. who made it and who didn't. and perhaps who should have. stay made it and who didn't. and perhaps who should have. stay with 
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the weekend is upon us. spencer has the forecast. >> change upon us as well. welcome change i dare say. overnight tonight won't see much change. lots of low clouds. wide spread low pressure mainly low to mid 50's but drop down to 49 at santa rosa. that's the cool spot.
9:48 pm
now water vapor satellite image shows one low pressure an one moving in and as long as it is there, no room for ridge of high pressure to build in to bring us this warm-up we have been looking for but it is going to be lasting its influence over the next couple days and we'll see some graduate warming. high pressure tomorrow reach into the mid upper 70's for the most part inland but some location will top out at 80 or just above. 60's around the bay. upper 50's to 60 on the coast and similar readings near monterey bay. 60 near the bay. 70's inland. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. hear comes the warming. day by day we see increase of 2 degrees or so. high pressure and by midweek next week we see upper 80's inland and up to 90 inland by thursday friday so the warm-up is coming and we just take it in increment as larry lakes to say. >> what kind of ease into it. >> yes. >> thank you very much spencer. >> gq came out with worst dressed cities. as a result may surprise you. new york city considered the fashion capitol of the world is
9:49 pm
no. 5. jersey shore is 19. reporter john at water with reaction from the worst offender, boston. >> i have seen people looking very stylish. >> people up to date with their clothing choice. >> but it's flip flop. white sox. baseball caps that are dragging them down gq says. >> i think we have more casual over the years which i lake. >> boston may not be if in slen door but dead last? >> they are probably right p.pretty bad. >> some agree but not as bad as the magazine makes it seem. >> i wouldn't say sloppy. i would say casual. like when you go to symphony or something in many cities everybody is dressed to the 9. but not here. >>reporter: the city also takes a hit for the student population but most here take it until stride. >> i take it as being very take already. very proper and tl tasteful. >> discounting out of town magazine out of touch
9:50 pm
assessment. >> gq magazine saying boston worst dress. it's the great city. best sports town in the world fichlt that's not really the question we are talking about here but in case you are wondering san francisco is 20th on the list. magazine says quote san francisco if lake color in favor of the highly practical and high performing not surprising in a city known for its brain trust than style. i don't know what that means. the they don't like the way we dress evidently. >> however would i lake to point out that we have some real satire splendor at abc 7 as you can see. now this is pretty much the way i come to work. the i do wear this all the time. don't be confused with the appearance of me on mcenroe spochlt how about spencer? wow! that was if. >> that was last weak. >> actual photo o. very nice.
9:51 pm
the style. i think from gma day. howdy dan. fichlt hi partner. weren't new a pixar movie? >> i'm wearing the spurs tonight in fact. >> tmi. all right. sports. >> why not. >> before we get in trouble. >> partner. giants look for early offense tonight in san diego and they get some. i'm almost afraid to see what the next picture is going to be. >> you are afraid? >> i think you know her. enemy >> you are afraid? >> i think you know her. enemy territory sports is 
9:52 pm
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helping you do what you do... even better. being. >> coming up at 11:00. you heard about southern california impending traffic jam. little known shut down of bay area highway that is going on. >> playing with fire. pyrotechnic going on in oakland tonight. we explain what is happening there. those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. now to sports director and fashion critic evidently dan biel. >> all right. tl howdy woody. giants continue series with the padres tonight. at&t park south. at petco park in san diego but so many giant fans there it seems like a giants home game. so loud. fans khering for the giants. out in force in san diego i got it i got it i ain't got it. tough play trying to make the catch with the cap. no one will catch this one either. here it comes. there it goes. ross off in the second. in and out
9:55 pm
a flash. ross with the fvl bottom of 4. 2-1. padres 2 on 2 out. tim offering deep to center. back of the track and up against the wall. to save a pair of runs. torrez with bat as well here in the seventh. going the other way. double one of the 3 hits. aaron roens scores. giants up 5-1 and rate now it is 6-1 giants and they are in the 9th. a and angel from left to right burt reynold sly and ronald reagan that is quality right there bottom 3. scoreless. week back up the middle against former a dan. kurt scores. later. willing ham he has clout. keep to lef left. lands in the sec deck. 2 run shot. 3 nothing a's. tl stretch it out to 4 zip. halo rally in the sixth. mike trout single to right. mike forced to make it 4-3. sfilts wide
9:56 pm
open at the halfway point of the british open. 29 players within 4 shots of the lead at royal saint george. miguel is 3 under for the tournament. shot off the lead and need the yoga class rate now. stretching it out. very good for the knees. and this is the calf stretch of course. we are thinking a body by miguel work out video has to be in the wor works here. always with a cigar. want 0stretch with a cigar. good for the card why. tom watson working his magic across the pond. par 3, 6. 167 yards. slam dunk ace. watson with a 72 over. u.s. open champ rory in the hunt on 14. soft touch. setting up birdie. even after 69. his country men daryn clark the man setting the pace. par 5, 7 this is from tl 90 feet away
9:57 pm
for eagle. clark with two under 68 minus 4 tied for the lead with american lucas glover on the par 4 second. his approach right on target. that leads to birdie. glover with even par 70. here's the leader board. glover and clark on top 4 others just a shot back. mickelson 3 back 1 under and remember yesterday leader kid amateur lewis 1 under stumble today with a 74. from the best golfer to maybe the worst. charles barkley in lake tahoe. the with kevin the median under sir charles. which is not a comfortable place to be. the chuck now going with a 1 handed swing. that went 2 feet. late on 11 barkley has some young lead come from out of the crowd to hit a tee shot for him and that was 10 times longer than his shot. but look at this no now. that's perfect. f off to the right. and you wonder
9:58 pm
charles is such great athlete why he couldn't do that every time. no hitch. no nothing. just l muscle memory. jack has the lead in tahoe. all signs point to the end of the lock out and perhaps a normal football season. reports indicate owners and players the union have agreed on salary cap 120 million for the upcoming season as well as new rookie wage scale. still some issues to be rae solved and maybe potential snag right at the finish but after months of talk and legal wrangling it appears an agreement could come maybe by next week. tuning up for the women world cup team usa defeated japan back in may. but on sunday those results meaningless. americans face japan in sunday world cup final. tl one of the star of the american squad solo hopes to bring home the hardware. >> i think america is so behind us because you can feel the spirit. you can feel the fight in our team and people grab on
9:59 pm
to. that gravitate towards it and truly this team is a winning team i can only hope we prove that and go all the way an bring the trophy back home. >>reporter: you can catch the battle for the cup sunday 11:45 am over on espn. we keep the stage 13 tour de france stretch through the mountains orderly enough sprinter won the mountain stage today with late charge. norway the thor some call him if sore but i go with thor because it sounds cooler. l finish within this tl bore. say it with gusto. >> authorize. >> thank you. >> all right that is this edition of 7 news for all of us here. nice to be with you as always. appreciate your time hope to see you again in an always. appreciate your time hope to see you again in an hour over on tl 7

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